Taste guru Robert Strik takes us on a journey to the fascinating world of taste and flavour.
Get ready for a podcast that spills the beans!

Animal Free Candy for all

The Taste Podcast presents an engaging episode featuring our host Robert Strik and his guest Frank Hofman, a food engineer and product developer from Astra Sweets NV

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The croquette king

Robert Strik and Piet Brink have a long, shared history in the world of taste and flavour, as can be heard in this amusing episode of TheTastePodcast.

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The art of tinkering

In this episode of The Taste Podcast, Merel Rijnen, food technologist and owner of Food Dynamics, sits down to chat with Robert Strik.

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Creating food at the source

Behind The Taste Podcast microphone in this episode is Wilco Vermeer, co-founder of Kenyan company NatureLock Foods. His company combats …

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Discover the secret of Tanzanian vanilla

Get ready to Discover the secret of Tanzanian vanilla!
Robert Strik chats with Juan Guardado and Ronald ter Veer over vanilla and..

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The time has finally come: our first episode is going live!

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Tune into the taste

Robert Strik and his table companions talk about their plans to create podcasts for listeners who are keen to lift the lid on the secrets behind taste.

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About Robert Strik

My passion is, was, and will remain taste and flavour. I want to explore a different way of sharing the knowledge and expertise I have gained over the last 40 years. That’s why I created this digital platform for people to listen to podcasts about taste and flavour.

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